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Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

Teknofonic Webinar Feat. Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

Please check out today’s webinar “Advocacy for Music as a Profession. How to be a voice for change when proposed laws threaten our creative rights.”

Date : Thursday, 14 March 2019
Time : 03:00 pm, Eastern Time (US and Canada), GMT -4

Description: How can we as musicians and producers be a voice for change when proposed laws threaten our creative rights? Whether we act nationally or locally, there is no limit to the difference we can make when united as a community. Join in on a FREE live webinar this Thursday, March 14, at 3 p.m. EDT, with saxophonist, composer, activist and president of Musicians for Musicians Sohrab Saadat Ladjvardi and explore ways to be an advocate for music as a profession and protect the livelihood of future generations.

This event is hosted by Adam Reifsteck
Founder & CEO of Teknofonic Recordings, LLC. Teknofonic is an online artist development community for electronic musicians.

Registration Link:

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Sohrab w. Dr. Cornell West

Sohrab’s Encounter w. Dr. Cornel West @ the Apollo Theater (Backstage)

Sohrab and Dr. Cornel West backstage @ the Apollo Theater in Harlem, May 21, 2016. Yessss…He met this gentleman backstage (he had a performance with MFM endorser and supporter Arturo O’Farrill‘s Afro Latin Orchestra). He gave me the time to introduce myself and him to the MFM movement. With all the many people around us he was focused, listened carefully and showed a lot of interest and respect to what I was saying. He gave me his tel number and asked me to call him and tell him more about MFM and myself. He liked #MakingMusisIsAProfession. and considers to advocate it. He’s also fine that I used a YouTube video clip of his in SoSaLa’s video ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, which isn’t published yet. Thanks Arturo who made this special encounter with Dr. Cornel West possible! Cool music brings cool people together. Right?

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Special News: Sohrab’s non-profit organization Musicians For Musicians, Inc

MFM jpg logoThe purpose of  Musicians For Musicians, Inc (MFM) is to raise the standard of living for working musicians in the greater New York City area. The mission is to form a grass roots organization of professional independent musicians to share their experience, knowledge and inspiration, and to build a vibrant and sustainable community that supports living wages, health care and pension benefits for all musicians.

Why is Sohrab doing this?

Simply, he’s tired of complaining about anything that doesn’t work in his musician’s life…and he’s tired of hearing his peers complaining in the same way. Sohrab believes that changes in musicians lives can only be done as a group. Musicians need to organize!

Only a big group of musicians can tackle their problems. The public will get aware of them and listen to their messages. But before becoming a voice musicians need to revolutionize themselves first, i.e. musicians have to become educated. They need to know what’s going wrong, admit that they made mistakes in the past, find a language to speak with each other in a comprehensive way. Understand that they work (YES composing and performing music is WORK!), and that they aren’t different from other working people.

During the last two years he’s met many musicians and music activists who feel the same way. They support Sohrab’s endeavour and share the idea that now is the right time to organise musicians regardless what music style they play.

The slogan of the foundation is making music is a profession! Musicians become adults, forget that being an artist doesn’t mean that you’re not working. Like anybody you need social benefits, such as health insurance, a pension fund, etc.


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