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SoSaLa Members Intro: George Crotty and Alejandro Castellano

George Crotty and Alejandro CastellanoTwo weeks ago Sohrab had a come together with the new member, George Crotty (cello and electronics) and a senior member, Alejandro Castellano (electric guitar) who is on several tracks of the Nu World Trash CD. George is from Canada who graduated from Boston’s Berklee School of Music last year; and Alejandro is from Columbia who’s continuing his study of music at the same school and has become a multi-instrumentalist adding the oud and ney to his guitar. He also enjoys painting.

First rehearsal with cellist George Crotty from SoSaLa on Vimeo.

Here is a short video of SoSaLa rehearsing with George for the first time at dobro player David Belmont’s flat joined by Kaveh Haghtalab on kemancheh and Sohrab on soprano sax. The song they play is the beginning of a new song composed by Sohrab.

SoSaLa Rehearal from SoSaLa on Vimeo.

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Locksmith Live

Locksmith Locksmith Live….Yesterday I met rapper/mc Locksmith (real name is Davood Asgari) at Drom in NY.

His show was dope. His rap was very articulated and straight forward. Very good communication with the audience from and off stage. Everybody loved his messages and shouts. He’s a people’s man. We chatted after the show and got familiar to each other. Exchanged Farsi words. Discussed the possibility of recording a SoSaLa song. Exchanging CDs. 

I love his rap style. Great technique and executed smoothly. His messages are very social-political or personal. Respect and love for this young man. He performs and lives a “HIP HOP” life I can relate to.

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