TT-DB played at Global Day of Action for Iran 7/25

On July 25th Sohrab aka THE TEHRAN-DAKAR BROTHERS played at the Global Day of Action for Iran march and rally at the UN in New York.

New York joined 85 cities on 6 continents around the world to protest human rights abuses in Iran. CNN, VOICE OF AMERICA and other media broadcasted live from the march and rally.

Besides TT-DB following peformers participated:
– Fared Shafinury
– Freedom Glory Project
– Haale

This time TT-DB consisted of Sohrab on sax and sister, singer, rapper, performer and tambourine player Yvette Perez. This was the first time Yvette joined the band. Without any rehearsal she did a great job in vocalizing Sohrab’s sax playing. Both members tried to express that music is and should be an important voice of this movement. The audience followed their performance with much interest and eventually became a part of their performance. Sohrab’s sax was the voice of the victims who gave their lives for the movement in Iran. Somebody called him the green voice.

Later on Fared Shafinury, a young Iranian musican and singer from Austin, called Sohrab on stage to play with him on the song Yare Dabestani. Fared also asked Esfand on daf to join them. For Sohrab this performance was something special. With Fared together he was able to make music transcend music. Music became an expression of life. Music was life! And the audience enjoyed them like shit!

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